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G Fuel puts together five vinyl figures and chrome versions of each for its Flavor Buddiez Box

G Fuel Flavor Buddiez Box

It turns out the gaming specialist G Fuel has a little more up its sleeve than the Queens Of Hearts-themed Sour Berry flavor of its signature supplement, a lot more. The ever-creative company has also cooked up the special edition Flavor Buddiez Box. This is much more than the usual limited-time Collector’s Box or bundle we see from G Fuel, involving its self-titled product, a shaker, vinyl figure, and, of course, a box.

G Fuel’s Flavor Buddiez Box is launching soon at, and it’ll give you the chance to choose the flavor of the supplement you get inside. The list of options is relatively long, including the likes of Miami Nights, Hype Sauce, Divine Peach, and Watermelon Limeade. As mentioned, that’s not all that’s in the Buddiez Box, it also comes with a 16oz shaker and a vinyl figure, and it is that figure where things get interesting.

G Fuel has put together a whole bunch of vinyl figures, and the one you get inside your Flavor Buddiez Box is a mystery. You simply won’t know the one you get until your order arrives and you open the package. The brand does, however, list the five characters you could end up with and the rarity of each of them, such as the common Crandrew at 27%, Razz Betty at 10%, and chrome versions of each that have 3% or less.

The Flavor Buddiez Box will be coming to G Fuel’s website shortly, and it’ll cost a fair amount more than a tub of the brand’s signature supplement or even a Collector’s Box at $59.99. There is a page you can sign up to be notified as soon as the Buddiez Box goes live, which you might want to do if you’re interested, as we can see G Fuel selling through fast on this one.

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