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Proteinbolaget’s GAAM joins the ever-growing list of brands with a cream of rice product

Gaam Nutrition Cream Of Rice

The ever-expanding list of sports nutrition brands and functional food companies with cream of rice products has grown once again this month thanks to the Swedish house brand GAAM Nutrition from the retailer Proteinbolaget. Joining the company’s already rather extensive catalog of supplements and many functional items is the simply named Cream Of Rice, and it is exactly what it’s titled, a standalone cream of rice.

GAAM Nutrition’s latest release is a clean and nutritious source of carbohydrates, providing 39.4g of carbs in every 50g serving, all from its key ingredient cream of rice, with half a gram of sugar, 1.1g of fat, 4.5g of protein, and 187 calories. The straightforward product is available directly from Proteinbolaget in a Vanilla flavor at SEK 119 for a 900g bag, two at SEK 107 each, or get four and drop to SEK 101 (9.70 USD) a piece.