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Crispy protein bar standard-setter is returning to the format in Genius Gourmet’s Crispy Protein Treat

Genius Gourmet Crispy Protein Treat

While there are several Rice Krispies Treat style snacks on the market with that familiar solid base, crispy puff pieces filling the body, and a squiggle across the top, there weren’t that many a few years ago. Two of the earliest that we can remember were BSN’s still available Protein Crisp and what we consider to be the best of them all, the Ooh Snap Bar, originally from Applied Nutriceuticals.

The story of the Ooh Snap Bar is an interesting one to follow as it was initially from Applied Nutriceuticals, then it was more known as Snap Nutrition’s Ooh Snap Bar, which then evolved into the functional food-focused brand Genius Gourmet. When Genius Gourmet came about, the Ooh Snap Bar went away, but now the makers of that unbeaten Rice Krispies style product are returning to the format.

Genius Gourmet has announced that it is releasing the Rice Krispies Treat-style snack, the Crispy Protein Treat, and if that long-ago Ooh Snap Bar is anything to go by, you’ll want to get your hands on this. The product will have a gram of sugar, only 10g of protein but 100 calories, giving you the ability to put away two for 20g of protein and still keep the calories at an impressively lean 200.

Knowing just how good Snap Nutrition’s Ooh Snap Bar was and the evolution of that brand is coming full circle in Genius Gourmet’s Crispy Protein Treat, we are extremely excited to give this one a try. Again, still to this day, we haven’t had a similar style protein bar match the Ooh Snap Bar in terms of consistency and sweetness, and we look forward to the launch in three flavors, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Vanilla Dream, and Salted Caramel flavors.