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Glaxon releases a second collagen-powered product in line with Valentine’s Day

Glaxon Collagen

Wonder Collagen is Glaxon’s advanced approach to the world of collagen supplements, featuring a little more than the title ingredient of collagen. It brings together a premium selection of components for hair, skin, and nail health, joint support, and beauty. The original formula debuted superior ioCollagen at a sizeable 10g a serving, alongside hyaluronic acid, Dracobelle Nu, and the ever-present absorption enhancer, AstraGin.

In line with Valentine’s Day, which is, of course, today, Glaxon has released another collagen-powered product with a similar set of benefits to Wonder Collagen, although the formula is not the same. The simply named Glaxon Collagen comes with 40 regular or 20 maximum servings a tub, and leading the label in the full serving is 10g of hydrolyzed bovine collagen, although it’s not the more bioavailable ioCollagen like Wonder Collagen.

Glaxon Collagen Label

Joining the title feature of Glaxon Collagen is 2g of milk fat globule membrane for gut health, a gram of fructooligosaccharides, 2mg of biotin, 180mg of vitamin C supporting natural collagen synthesis, 90mg of hyaluronic acid, double the amount in Wonder Collagen, and again, AstraGin. The supplement is really more collagen-focused, with ingredients to enhance collagen synthesis and repair, and provide the beauty and joint benefits that come with that.

Glaxon’s all-new Collagen is going live later today through its online store at a regular price of $39.99 for a tub of 20 maximum servings, which is slightly cheaper than the premium Wonder Collagen at $49.99 for 21 servings. The reputable brand promises a great flavor experience in its latest collagen supplement with three flavors in Naked, which is an unflavored option, and two actual tastes in Fruit Cereal and Vanilla Cream.