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Superior ioCollagen debuts in Glaxon’s beauty supplement Wonder Collagen

Glaxon Wonder Collagen

The all-new Wonder Collagen was said to be Glaxon’s next new supplement release for August; however, a sequel product ended up taking its place with the revamped Hybrid V2. Regardless, the Brand Of The Year nominee for 2020 is still planning to fit Wonder Collagen in the month of August and has confirmed the health and wellness supplement is finally arriving this Friday.

To ensure fans and followers of the ever-growing brand know what they’re getting into with Wonder Collagen, Glaxon has shared the full formula behind the collagen-based product. To deliver on its name, you get a solid 10g of premium PeptiPlus collagen in every serving, and it’s enhanced with Ingredient Optimized plasma technology to make it more bioavailable than regular collagen.

Glaxon Wonder Collagen Label

Alongside the main ingredient, Glaxon’s upcoming Wonder Collagen has 45mg of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C and biotin, and two more branded features in 25mg of AstraGin and 200mg of DracoBelle Nu. The latter of those two is not something we’ve seen before, but it is a premium Moldavan dragonhead extract proven to increase collagen synthesis.

Once again, Glaxon is releasing Wonder Collagen this coming Friday through its online store at with its usual amount of servings per tub at 21 in a neutral flavor called “Naked”. We’re not sure on the price of the health and wellness supplement, although if we had to guess, we’d put it around other Glaxon products in a similar category landing in the area of 40 to $45.