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Glaxon’s next Specimen pre-workout includes an infusion of the ketone-powered Hybrid

Glaxon Upcoming Specimen Genesis

Not only has Glaxon expanded into many different sports nutrition categories over the years, but it’s also taken a deeper dive into one of the most competitive spaces out there in pre-workout. We’ve seen a few iterations of the original pre-workout Specimen, the high-powered Specimen GFY Edition, the NO3-T-driven Specimen Max, which debuted at GNC, Specimen Yoyo, and don’t forget Specimen Fool’s Gold.

Next up from Glaxon and its extensive family of Specimen-named pre-workouts is Specimen Genesis, which is a hybrid supplement of sorts, and that is a play on words. The brand has confirmed that Specimen Genesis is a blend of sorts of a pre-workout and its nootropic endurance fuel Hybrid. It brings together the energy, focus, and performance components of a Specimen supplement and the fueling ketones of Hybrid.

The key is to think of Specimen Genesis as an alternative experience, not something on a higher, lower, or even more advanced level. The newest member of the Specimen family is not due to launch for another couple of weeks in the second half of next month. It’ll be a nice addition to Glaxon’s team of pre-workouts and continue to show its ability to do things differently, take an alternative approach, and always stand out.

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