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Gorilla Mind’s two-week-old gaming competitor gets a much-needed second flavor

Gorilla Mind Jungle Juice Repsawn

It was only recently that the reputable sports nutrition brand Gorilla Mind, known for many products covering all sorts of categories, expanded into the world of gaming with Respawn. In typical fashion of the supplement company, it put together quite a robust formula, packing some solid highlights, including a never-before-seen 2g of NooLVL. The one downside to the product was it had just one flavor to choose from.

Despite Gorilla Mind bringing its gaming-specific Respawn to market roughly two weeks ago, the brand is already giving back to the energy and focus-enhancing supplement by way of a much-needed second flavor. Now available alongside its original and previously lonely Cherry Blackout is another fruity recipe named Jungle Juice, which is in stock and available for purchase from the brand’s website at $59.99 a tub.

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