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Gorilla Mind packs huge highlights in its gaming debut including 2g of NooLVL

Gorilla Mind Respawn

Reputable sports nutrition brand Gorilla Mind has entered the growing world of gaming with Respawn, and as you’d expect, it has packed the supplement with a strong selection of ingredients and dosages. The brand is known for stringing together robust formulas, and its gaming debut is no different, although if the name Respawn sounds familiar, it’s because it’s identical to hardware giant Razer’s gaming supplement.

Like most competitors in the gaming category, Gorilla Mind’s Respawn is designed to enhance energy and focus, but thanks to its ingredients, it promotes a few benefits on top of that. As well as elevating energy and focus, the product improves reaction time, cognition, and accuracy, with all of those benefits rolling together to make the ideal supplement to take your gaming up a level.

The formula powering Respawn starts with a selection of B vitamins, 240mg of ginkgo biloba, 400mg of uridine, 150mg of theanine, 30mg of saffron, and 400mcg of huperzine. Then you have the most impressive features of the Gorilla Mind gaming product with a massive 5g of tyrosine, a hefty 800mg of alpha-GPC, a third more than the common high dose of 600mg, 300mg of caffeine, and a never-before-seen 2g of the gaming ingredient NooLVL.

Gorilla Mind Respawn Label

Gorilla Mind describes Respawn as a potent nootropic, and that is extremely accurate. A lot of the time, gaming supplements are light or moderate formulas with a variety of ingredients; rarely do we see over-the-top dosages, as that’s more of an advanced nootropic thing. The brand has brought a premium nootropic to gamers in Respawn, with those huge highlights undoubtedly delivering a powerful experience.

Respawn is sure to make a splash in the world of gaming, as anyone that tries this after your average supplement from within the category will be in for a pleasant and highly effective surprise. The product is available for purchase from Gorilla Mind’s website at a rather expensive price compared to other gaming supplements of $59.99, for a tub of 20 maximum servings or 40 regular servings, in a Cherry Blackout flavor.