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Jacked Factory teases what looks to be its take on the premium pre-workout trend

Jacked Factory Previews Nitrosurge Max

Jacked Factory looks like it’s about to follow in the footsteps of many other sports nutrition brands, including the likes of Kaged, Jym, Redcon1, Beyond Raw, and Germany’s Vayu. All of those companies have come out with a premium pre-workout, which we classify as an alternative pre-workout to their already available competitor, but it features a more advanced formula at a higher price.

Jacked Factory has several entries in the pre-workout category with its original Nitrosurge and its spin-offs Nitrosurge Shred and Nitrosurge Build, Altius Pre, and the stackable Pump Surge. The extensive brand has shared a teaser this week that features a shadowed supplement, and from what we can see through all the darkness and coverage is a pre-workout named Nitrosurge Max.

The tub appears to be larger than any of its other pre-workouts, the regular Nitrosurge included, and combined with the name Nitrosurge Max, has us thinking Jacked Factory is taking things up a notch with a premium pre-workout. The serving size of the mystery product looks as though it’ll be just shy of 20g at 19.2g for each of its 20 maximum servings, which is a big step up from Nitrosurge’s 8.4g.

Serving sizes don’t always tell the whole story, although with a leap like that, and again the name Nitrosurge Max, all signs are pointing to Jacked Factory going premium and offering its most advanced pre-workout to date. More details will be along shortly, and we look forward to seeing how this one turns out, as premium pre-workouts have certainly made the category much more interesting.