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Well-dosed nootropic Mindset comes in a caffeinated version for the same price

Kaged Mindset Plus Caffeine

Something we interestingly missed when Kaged originally launched its nootropic debut Mindset at The Vitamin Shoppe, or that wasn’t available immediately, was an additional version of the supplement. Mindset brings together a broad set of energy and focus-supporting ingredients, including some premium branded components such as the IonPlex mineral complex, SunP5, and a hefty 1.2g of AlphaSize alpha-GPC.

With Mindset now available in many more places since that Vitamin Shoppe release, a second edition or really an alternative version of Kaged’s nootropic has shown up in stores, including through the brand’s website. You can now purchase Mindset in that original stimulant-free option and Mindset + Caffeine, which has all of the same ingredients plus 300mg of caffeine from PurCaf and ZumXR extended-release caffeine.

The cost of Kaged’s Mindset and Mindset + Caffeine is exactly the same despite the added dose of caffeine in the plus edition, at $44.99 over at The Vitamin Shoppe, with the same 30 regular or 15 maximum servings per tub, and in the one Orange Mango flavor.