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Killer Labz’ turkesterone muscle builder hits its website alongside a limited 15% off

Killer Labz Launches Killer Turk

Killer Labz has launched its previously previewed muscle-building supplement Killer Turk, featuring the brand’s more modern, eye-catching, hardcore look for 2023. The product is similar to a product Killer Labz had on the market before, simply named Turkesterone, as it features the same dose of the turkesterone source ajuga turkestanica and DecaSorb Technology, but to further its muscle-building abilities, there is rhaponticum carthamoides.

Killer Turk has launched directly through Killer Labz’s online store at $49.99 for a full-size bottle of 30 servings, so it has enough to get you through a typical month. The hardcore supplement company is running a sale to celebrate the debut of the turkesterone-powered product using the coupon “TURK15”. That gets you 15% discount and lowers Killer Turk to a more competitive $42.49, but it’s only live and working for a limited time.