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Innovative Legendary Foods has created another snack and says it’s the future of protein

Legendary Foods Teases Protein Snack For Expo West

Functional brand Legendary Foods has put together some impressively creative protein snacks over the years, far beyond your typical bar, chip, or drink format. It has the delicious and incredibly enjoyable Tasty Pastry inspired by the classic toaster pastry, with some equally strong macros, and most recently, the Protein Sweet Roll, which is a soft and smooth sweet roll but with heightened protein at 20g and as low as 190 calories.

The clearly creative and often industry-first-making Legendary Foods has announced that it is getting ready to release another entry into its growing selection of protein treats and snacks, and it won’t be long until we are able to tell you just how good it is. All we really know at the moment is that it comes in a seemingly chip-sized packet, it’ll be high in protein, and have a format different from anything else it has available.

Legendary Foods will be sampling its next functional innovation at Expo West in Anaheim in a couple of weeks, and we’ll actually be at the event to find out firsthand what it is and how it tastes. Interestingly the brand uses the words “POP by BOOTH N835” in its teaser for the product, with the word “POP” being an odd choice. That suggests to us it may be related to that word, like protein popcorn or air-popped chips, although coming from Legendary Foods, it could be something else entirely.