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Legendary transforms the classic sweet roll into a high-protein and low-carb treat

Legendary Foods Protein Sweet Roll

The latest innovation from Legendary Foods is here, and it is just as creative, unique, and delicious as its last major product release in the protein-packed toaster pastry, Tasty Pastry. The functional food company has taken another familiar food, one that we’d guess almost everyone has seen, heard of, enjoyed, or come across at some point, and transformed it into an on-the-go and better-for-you treat

Legendary Foods has transformed the traditional sweet roll bun into a food that is much higher in protein, significantly lower in carbohydrates, and extremely reasonable in calories. The product is appropriately named the Protein Sweet Roll, and it has a solid 20g of protein per piece, 8 to 12g of fat, 22 to 24g of carbohydrates with a gram or less of that sugar and only 4 to 6g of net carbs, and 190 to 220 calories.

Those nutrition numbers vary from flavor to flavor, of which Legendary Foods has three for its promising, delicious-looking Protein Sweet Roll. The options are Wild Berry, the leanest and low-calorie one of the three, then you have Cinnamon and, of course, Chocolate. They all rely on the same main ingredients, including casein, collagen, and whey isolate for protein, and the sugar alcohol erythritol.

Legendary Food Protein Sweet Roll

The build of the Legendary Foods innovation is practically identical to a classic sweet roll, with a soft and dough bun covered in a sweet, craving-crushing icing. You can enjoy Protein Sweet Roll straight from the wrapper, or if you really want to turn up the experience, the brand suggests throwing it in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds for an even smoother protein-packed, low-carbohydrate treat.

Legendary Foods has its new Protein Sweet Roll available for purchase straight from its online store at $32.99 for a pack of ten, so a little more than your typical protein bar or snack, working out to $3.30 each. There is no variety bundle at the moment, meaning if you want to try the entire menu of Wild Berry, Cinnamon, and Chocolate, you’ll need to grab a box of each or find it at a store near you and get them individually.