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Influencer Burpee Vet develops a basic skimmed milk powder with Max Protein

Max Protein Skimmed Powdered Milk

Lately, it’s been all about functional foods over at Max Protein in Spain, with the typically creative company putting together the likes of the intriguing cheesy topping True Flavors and the concentrated flavor powder Yummy Flavors. The brand is back this month with another sort of functional item, which can be used for baking due to how simple and straightforward it is.

Max Protein’s latest is Skimmed Powdered Milk, and it is precisely that, a moderately sized 250g bag of skimmed milk powder, and that is it. There are no colors, flavors, or sweeteners, as the product comes unflavored or natural, again keeping things incredibly straightforward. The macros on a 25g serving are 8.9g of protein, 250mg of fat, 12.75g of carbohydrates, and 88.8 calories.

Fans may recognize the new Skimmed Powdered Milk comes with the logo of Sara Conde, better known as the baking influencer Burpee Vet, similar to Yummy Flavors, which also features the seal of approval from Burpee Vet. Max Protein developed and produced its simple skimmed milk powder in partnership with Burpee Vet, hence her logo front and center on the packaging.