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Performance Inspired leaks details on three products coming down the pipeline

Performance Inspired  previews Creatine Chews and Collagen Biotin

To get fans excited for presumably the coming months, Mark Wahlberg’s sports nutrition brand, Performance Inspired, has shared a few products in the works that sound like they’ll be here sooner rather than later. Anyone that knows the brand is aware it has an extensive selection of supplements and even some functional items, leaving very few categories and areas of the industry it has yet to touch.

There are three upcoming products Performance Inspired has revealed, and interestingly, they’re all hybrids or alternative options of supplements it already has out on the market. To go alongside its bulk, standalone Micronized Creatine, the brand is dropping a creatine product with 5g of creatine monohydrate per serving, but instead of pills or powder, it’s coming in Berry Blast-flavored chewables.

Next on the list for Performance Inspired is Collagen Plus Biotin, which combines marine-sourced fish collagen and, as per the name, biotin into tasty gummy candies. The third and final item is BCAA with Energy, an energizing spin-off of the brand’s simply-named BCAA, bringing together BCAAs, a blend of ingredients for energy, and some other advanced components, including beta-alanine and CherryPure.

Performance Inspired has not set a launch date, week, month, or any sort of timeframe for Creatine Chews, Collagen Plus Biotin, or BCAA With Energy, only saying that they’re coming down the pipeline.