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Growing newcomer Retro Muscle puts a lot more than aminos in its upcoming Renegade

Retro Muscle Renegade

The relatively fresh and new Retro Muscle, out of the UK, started its journey in the business of supplements with two competitors; the stimulant pre-workout Miami Nights and stackable stimulant-free pump pre-workout Palm Beach Pumps. Currently, those are still the only products the brand has available, although sometime soon, the lineup will be expanding to three with an entry in another popular category.

Announced this week and hitting the market in the UK shortly is Retro Muscle’s amino cocktail Renegade, although there is a lot more to this than a variety of amino acids to support muscle recovery. The key component is a blend of EAAs at a solid 8g of the premium Amino9 blend, with AstraGin to additional enhance absorption and improve efficacy.

Retro Muscle Renegade Label

The formula continues beyond the Amino9 EAAs, with Retro Muscle packing Renegade with a series of additional ingredients for blood flow, hydration, performance, endurance, and even better recovery. The brand has also thrown in 250mg of pomegranate, marine-sourced Aquamin minerals, CocoMineral branded coconut water, a gram of taurine, 300mg of CellFlo6, and a hefty 800mg of recovery-supporting VitaCherry.

Renegade is a reasonably advanced entry into the popular category of amino supplements, although we didn’t expect anything supremely straightforward from Retro Muscle based on its other products. The growing brand’s first amino product is going live on its online store sometime in the near future in Strawberry Kiwi, Cherry Bomb, and Lemon Lime Slushie flavors at £39.99 (47.76 USD) for a tub of 24 servings.