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Crazy 8 gets an unmissable rebrand alongside some changes to its formula

Swedish Supplements Rebrands Crazy 8

Many of the products from the self-explanatory Swedish brand Swedish Supplements have a very modern, mainstream look and appeal; however, there is a side of the brand that is the complete opposite. It has entries like Project X, the pre-workout series I Am F*cked Up, and the hardcore Butcher line, which all look entirely detached from Swedish Supplements.

Crazy 8 is another product from the successful Swedish company that has a much busier, more graphic label design, and it’s just been taken up a notch in a revamped version. Swedish Supplements has relaunched its balanced and comprehensive pre-workout Crazy 8 with the incredibly colorful, eye-catching, and unmissable branding you can see in the image above, and there are a variety of changes under the hood as well.

Swedish Supplements Crazy 8 Pre Workout Label

Once you get past the vibrant and psychedelic artwork covering the updated Crazy 8 pre-workout, you get to the similar but tweaked formula outlined in the facts panel above. Swedish Supplements has maintained several highlights from the previous iteration and made some improvements, such as 50% more beta-alanine for performance, added betaine, albeit at a light gram per serving, a heightened 400mg of caffeine, and AstraGin is also now in there to improve absorption.

Swedish Supplements has done a good job at tweaking its Crazy 8 pre-workout for the better, making some changes here and there, like you want to see in a long-running supplement, all while bringing a whole new feel and appeal with its rebrand. The refreshed product has been dropped to 23 maximum servings per tub, down from the predecessor’s odd 26, and there are five flavors, including Pineapple Express and Mango Madness.