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Return of Irish Whiskey Cream Classic Whey teased a month out from St. Patrick’s Day

Teaed Return Of Irish Whiskey Cream Classic Whey

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, about a month away, and many sports nutrition brands are getting ready to release something special edition to celebrate the occasion. Nutrabio is one of those brands that has dropped a limited-time product for St. Patrick’s Day a few times in the past in an Irish Whiskey Cream flavor of its Classic Whey protein powder, first coming to market in 2020.

Nutrabio has shared a teaser that more than suggests it will be back in the swing of things this year, resurrecting its previously released, limited Irish Whiskey Cream Classic Whey for another short-lived run. The reputable brand has posted a picture featuring the leprechaun seen on the labels of its past Irish Whiskey Cream drops, although this time, he’s topless, showing off his complete physique.

Nutrabio has paired the teaser with a bit of rhyme that includes the lines “The flavor’s been revamped, with a new twist; it’ll make you feel like you’ve been kissed”. The keyword there is “revamped”, further leaning into the idea we’re in for the return of something, in this case, Irish Whiskey Cream. More information will be along soon, with the launch presumably coming before St. Patrick’s Day.

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