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TEDCO puts more beta-alanine and better flavor into its new and improved PRE

Tedco Pre V2

The dad-dedicated supplement company, The Epic Dad Co, more simply known as TEDCO, has confirmed the major changes fans can look forward to in the sequel to its flagship product. At the moment, the “Train Hard, Dad Harder” brand has one supplement available, and it’s for one of the most competitive categories out there in pre-workout. The second iteration is arriving this Friday, so what better time than now to go over it?

TEDCO’s original pre-workout PRE is designed as a multi-benefit product, bringing together more than your typical pre-workout ingredients for dads to get everything in one. It has 6g of citrulline malate for pumps, 5g of creatine monohydrate for performance and power, 250mg of theanine for smooth energy, a combined 250mg of caffeine, a solid 6g of BCAAs for muscle recovery, and the ever-present beta-alanine to drive endurance.

PRE V2, as it’s being referred to, will change one ingredient from its original formula, and that is beta-alanine, which will get a bump to the more common and studied dose of 3.2g, as previously it had 3g. The brand is also adding some color to match the flavors it has available, and the flavor is said to be significantly better, so if you’re already a loyal fan of the supplement, TEDCO has nothing but improvements lined up in V2.

Once again, TEDCO’s new and improved PRE V2 is going live on its website this Friday in the same two flavors, Blueberry and Citrus, the same 30 maximum servings a tub, not the more common 20, and at a similar price tag. The 30 servings is a point worth remembering as, most pre-workouts have 20 these days, and when you work out the cost difference, it is big; for example, $50 for 30 servings comes out to about $33.