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Orange Julian one of three flavors Harness Evolution is launching in this Friday

Three Flavors Of Harness Evolution

Earlier in the week, we got a complete look at the formula Arms Race Nutrition is putting into its premium pre-workout or really premium spin-off of its original pre-workout, Harness Evolution. Interestingly the brand combines almost every ingredient from the regular Harness in different forms and dosages, with several other reliable components for a more advanced and comprehensive pre-workout experience.

We are indeed approaching the arrival of that product, with Arms Race Nutrition planning to debut Harness Evolution on the first day of this year’s Arnold Sports Festival, which is this coming Friday. To continue the momentum and keep the pre-workout in the front of everyone’s minds, we’ve got the flavors the supplement will be available for purchase, and one of them actually features one of the brand’s founders.

The tastes making up the menu of Arms Race Nutrition’s Harness Evolution are Midnight Cherry, Strawberry Lemonade, and Orange Julian, which has the face of Julian Smith in the flavor callout. Once again, all of these options will be available this coming Friday at a regular price of $59.99 for a tub of 20 maximum servings, although don’t be surprised if the brand is running some sort of introductory deal or discount.