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EAA Sleipner from Viking Power gets an actual menu with two new flavors

Viking Power Strawberry Sleipner

After dropping its powerhouse pre-workout Leviathan, packed with 6.4g of beta-alanine and an amount of pump-powering citrulline we’ve only seen once before at 12g, house brand Viking Power is back with more news for the week. On top of the stacked pre-workout, the supplement line from MM Sports is welcoming two new tastes to the menu of its intra-workout amino Sleipner with a hefty 8g of all nine EAAs per serving.

MM Sports and Viking Power adding to the selection of flavors of Sleipner is certainly convenient as previously it didn’t actually have a variety with only one option in White Peach. Joining that lonely taste this week are two more fruity recipes, neither of them your typical Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, or Watermelon in Pear and Strawberry, and they’re both now available from MM Sports’ online store at 299 SEK (28.53 USD) a tub.

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