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Latest Weider snack is a protein bar with a creamy filling down the center

Weider Joes Core Bar

An increasingly common protein bar in the UK and Europe is one with a gooey or flavorful center, basically something different down the middle, similar to the likes of Barebells Core Bar and Chiefs Core. Weider continues that trend this month with the debut of the similarly named Joe’s Core Bar, featuring a dense and doughy body covered in chocolate, then down the middle is a sweet and smooth creamy core.

The Joe’s Core Bar from Weider in Europe isn’t overly large, weighing in at 45g a piece, so a fair bit smaller than your typical 55 to 60g bar-format protein snack, and it has that relative difference in protein, packing 14g a piece. The reasonable amount of protein comes alongside under 10g of fat between 8.4 and 9.4g, 14 to 15g of carbohydrates with a little less than 2g of that sugar, and calories ranging from 176 to 185.

Weider has debuted Joe’s Core Bar in two flavors, neither of them being overly traditional, especially for your first tastes out of the gate in White Chocolate Coconut with coconut rasps, and Hazelnut Nougat with crunchy hazelnuts. Both options have that creamy core feature down the center, which in our experience with other core-style bars, adds a nice hit of softness and smoothness to the overall consistency.

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