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Barebells introduces its delicious triple layer Protein Core Bar

The Protein Core Bar is an all-new protein snack from the Sweden based functional food brand, Barebells. The product features a different build and smaller size compared to the brand’s original protein bar, which we currently rank as the best bar in the world, so the new Protein Core Bar certainly has us excited.

The latest product from Barebells is a three-layer experience that’s completely free of added sugar. Right in the center of the Barebells Protein Core Bar is a sweet and creamy core which is then surrounded by a doughy body, then topped with crispy pieces and a no doubt, realistic chocolate outer.

barebells protein core bar

Being a smaller bar, the new Barebells Protein Core Bar does have a fairly light nutrition profile led by 13g of protein with 5.6 to 6.8g of fat, 11g to 13g of carbohydrates, and 142 to 148 calories. Seeing as the product is a little more calorie dense than the brand’s original bar, it does have us excited that it might actually be an even tastier experience.

The latest Barebells product does, of course, come in a variety of flavors, and based on pictures they all look absolutely incredible. The options are; Brownie, covered in milk chocolate and cocoa nibs; Toffee, featuring a buttery toffee taste; and lastly, Apple Pie which is said to combine apple, cinnamon, and a white chocolate topping.

barebells protein core bar

Barebells’ Protein Core Bar is expected to be available in stores in the brand’s local market of Sweden later this month in all three of its flavor options. We’re not sure on the price of the protein bar just yet or how many you’ll get per box, but we can’t imagine the product being more expensive than Barebells’ original protein bar.

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