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White Gummy Deer and Cherry Candy confirmed as Bucked Up’s other new candy creations

White Gummy Deer Bucked Up Pre Workout

It was only yesterday we posted about Bucked Up’s new sour candy-style flavor Sour Bucks, featuring entertaining little gummy bucks in the marketing of the product and on the label itself. You may remember, in that story, we were able to confirm that Sour Bucks is one of three new flavors the brand has planned for launch tomorrow and to get everyone ready for the release, it has since shared those other two tastes.

Going live in around 24 hours and becoming available through Bucked Up’s online store are two other candy-themed flavor creations, and they’re both for its signature self-titled pre-workout with Cherry Candy and another cleverly named taste in White Gummy Deer. Again, all of the sweet candy flavors are hitting Bucked Up’s website, where full-size 30-serving tubs of Bucked Up carry a regular price of $49.95.

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