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Wicked Cutz promises sweet and heat in its latest limited edition beef jerky

Wicked Cutz Cherry Serrano Beef Jerky

Branch Warren’s delicious beef jerky brand Wicked Cutz has spiced things up in the past with some special edition and limited-time releases, one of the more recent ones being Pumpkin Spice Beef Jerky from around the fall season of last year. Coming into February, the food company has spiced things up yet again, and this time we do mean that literally, releasing an exclusive and limited flavor promising a mix of sweet and heat.

Temporarily available directly through Wicked Cutz’s online store at is a Cherry Serrano, bringing together the sweetness of cherry and the heat of the classic serrano pepper. The flavor comes with all of the usual healthy, high-protein macros at 10g of protein, a gram of fat, 5g of sugar, and 70 calories. A single serving bag from the brand’s website will cost you $7.99, with four at $7.59 a piece, and eight at $7.19 each.

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