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Australia’s unique 13 Lives takes on the Indian market with a pre-workout and protein powder

13 Lives In India

Expanding internationally, beyond their home country, is a milestone for any sports nutrition company, no matter the size, as it brings the brand into the world of a whole new market, audience, and culture. 13 Lives from Australia has just gone and done that, although not in a common part of the world, and it’s done so in a rather large manner, making quite the splash and having a significant impact.

The easily recognizable and one-of-a-kind branded 13 Lives, has grown outside of Australia and into the competitive, growing, and immensely emerging Indian market. We’ve seen a fair amount of respectable supplements and brands in that part of the world, and now 13 Lives has put itself into the mix with two of its products in the protein powder Isolate and original pre-workout Steamfunk.

Currently, 13 Lives Isolate is available in India in only one flavor with Chocolate, which is just a fraction of the six tastes it has on its menu in Australia. As for Steamfunk, that has two flavors in the country; Mango Passion and Mixed Berry. The pre-workout also has a slightly different formula to what you get in 13 Lives’ home country; however, the goal is still to help power you through a workout.

To follow everything that’s happening with 13 Lives and its new market of India, the brand has set up a dedicated 13 Lives India page on Instagram. It makes it a lot easier to keep up with all of the developments between the Australian supplement company and the success of its entry into India.