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Colorful vibrant Thermo-Shift shakers change color when you fill them up

Advancedgg Thermo Shift Shakers

ADVANCEDgg is no stranger to creative products that stand out, whether you’re looking at the many different flavors for its energy and focus-supporting supplements, its gummies, and don’t forget the tub of crickets it did for Halloween. The uniqueness of the gaming specialist continues this week with the launch of its Thermo-Shift Collection, a series of shakers that come in eye-catching options and they change color.

The way ADVANCEDgg’s Thermo-Shift Collection products work is you throw water in, and as per name, or at least from what we understand, they change with the temperature. There are two colorways to choose from; pink, which shifts to purple, a combination called Cosmic Fusion, and orange to yellow, called Solar Blaze. They’re available at for $14.99 a shaker with a leak-proof lid and a sizeable 25oz bottle.

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