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Save as much as 25% on anything from Animal year round in its revamped website

Animal Website Update Plus Bundle Save

Legacy hardcore brand Animal has revamped and relaunched its website, after doing exactly the same to several of its supplements over the past couple of years, including recently reformulating its signature multivitamin, Animal Pak. The website has a much better look and feel, a more seamless navigation and flow, and it brought with it a new feature that longtime fans of the brand will not want to miss.

Over at, alongside the refreshed design and layout, Animal has introduced a bundle and save option, which is sort of a combination of stacks and a subscription. Many sports nutrition brands offer discounts on stacks, where you get several products together for cheaper than you would separately. The same goes for subscriptions, where you agree to receive a supplement regularly for a better price.

Animal Pak Bundle And Save

Animal’s bundle and save feature not only combines stacks and subscriptions into one, but it greatly amplifies the discount, allowing you to save big all year. The way it works is you select any four of the brand’s supplements, then agree to receive them every four or six weeks, and you get 25% off, and they don’t need to be different, for example, four full-size cans of Animal Pak drops from $39.95 each to $29.96.

There are step-down options; for example, you can subscribe to one, two, or three products for 10%, 15%, and 20%, or you can choose to purchase a stack one-off, and the discounts start at 5% and max out at 20%. To add even more benefit to the whole system, Animal throws in free shipping on purchases of $85 or more, so most of the bundles, subscription or not, won’t come with any cost to get to your door.