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Eighth iteration of Apollon’s high-powered Assassin coming in the next few months

Apollon Nutrition Teases Coming Of Assassin V8

Something Apollon Nutrition is known for is reformulating its popular flagship supplements, especially its pre-workouts — the long-running stimulant-fueled Assassin and balanced Hooligan — making them better each time with tweaks and changes. Not surprisingly, the brand has announced it is reworking one of those reputable powerhouse pre-workouts in the intense Assassin, which was last updated in mid-2021.

The next iteration of Apollon Nutrition’s stimulant-heavy supplement is going to be Assassin V8, and like the several sequels that have come before it, fans are in for a better, more efficient experience. Generally, the hardcore brand doesn’t increase or enhance effects all that much; it improves the balance and overall synergy of benefits, and in Assassin, that is high-powered energy and focus, and a touch of pump and performance.

Apollon Nutrition isn’t planning to come out with the promising and undoubtedly hard-hitting Assassin V8 for another few months, somewhere closer to the middle of the year in July, so roughly two years after the last version. Again, revamping and reformulating has become something the hardcore supplement company is known for, and it frequently does for the likes of Hooligan, Overtime, and the fat burner Chaos.