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Black Cherry flavor rolling out to stores in Europe for the popular Hell energy drink

Black Cherry Hell Energy Drink

The popular and incredibly well-distributed energy drink brand Hell, over in Europe, has a new flavor on the market this week to go alongside the mountain of options it already has to choose from. When we say a lot of flavors, we do indeed mean it, with the likes of Watermelon, Green Apple, Red Currant Grapefruit, Strawberry, the original Hell experience named Classic, and the latest to join the family is a self-explanatory Black Cherry.

The Black Cherry Hell energy drink explains everything about itself and its experience in its name, providing a genuine and sweet black cherry flavor. It has all the beverage’s usual key ingredients, including B vitamins and 80mg of caffeine per can. The product appears to be rolling out to stores and in only one version. Unfortunately, it isn’t Hell’s Zero variant, so there will be some nutrition to it, around 10g of carbohydrates and 50 calories.

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