Black Market puts a bit of John Wick in its limited Sweet Revenge flavor

Black Market Sweet Revenage Cuts

The ever-creative and original underground supplement company Black Market has cooked up another limited edition flavor, and this time there is a bit of fun and topical inspiration happening. The product can be seen in the image above, featuring its own unique label design, different from the usual branding of a Black Market supplement in that the background features a Japanese city at night, and this is where the inspiration begins.

The name of the flavor is Sweet Revenge, a sweet lemonade recipe, and something else you’ll notice on the label of the product is instead of “Black Market” at the top, the brand has put “Wick Market”. When you roll all of those little features together — the background, flavor name Sweet Revenge, and Wick Market — it’s hard not to think this is inspired by John Wick 4, an action film that involves all of that, and it just hit theaters today.

Unlike many of Black Market’s past limited edition flavors, the seemingly John Wick 4-inspired Sweet Revenge has only been put together for its weight loss supporting pre-workout Cuts. The underground brand has announced the temporary taste as the cinema run of the latest John Wick movie begins, but it won’t be shipping until Monday of next week, so be sure to check then or keep an eye out for it in stores.