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Beverage brand BLK is moving into canned and flavored sparkling water

Blk Sparkling And Blk Canned Water

Beverage brand BLK is known for its alkaline water, featuring a pH of 8.0+, infused with fulvic trace minerals, and the liquid has a unique black color that comes from the humic acid and fulvic minerals in the drink. There is the original BLK alkaline water and a mountain of flavors to choose from, such as Orange Vanilla, Electric Coconut, Black Cherry, Dirty Lemonade, Black and Blueberry, and Cucumber Mint, all colored black.

At Expo West, BLK introduced an extension to its lineup with a set of products in 16oz cans that have the signature fulvic acid minerals from the original alkaline water. More interestingly, there are options for the canned line with pH 8.0+ alkaline water and a carbonated alternative called BLK Sparkling. The carbonated drink comes in actual flavors, with two from the bottled menu in Dirty Lemonade and Strawberry Rhubarb.

As mentioned, BLK promotes its canned alkaline water and BLK Sparkling beverage with all of the same fulvic acid benefits of its alkaline water, including a great source of electrolytes and antioxidants, and no sugar or calories for Sparkling. All that we’ve seen for the launch of BLK’s move into canned drinks is that the water and BLK Sparkling are new for 2023, with no mention of a week or month as to when they’ll be rolling out.

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