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Classic Blue Raspberry moves Nadeshot’s Juvee energy drink to a total of four flavors

Blue Raspberry Juvee Energy Drink

Hugely popular gamer Nadeshot brought his own energy drink to market last year by the name of Juvee. It is a brightly branded beverage with each flavor featuring its own taste-matching color such as Tropical Crush in yellow and Watermelon Lime in pink. The product has a slightly more complex formula than most, bringing together theanine, ginseng, taurine, a blend of B vitamins, and, of course, caffeine at 127.5mg.

Nadeshot’s Juvee energy drink debuted in three flavors, with those two mentioned above, Tropical Crush and Watermelon Lime, arriving alongside another vibrantly colored taste in the green Kiwi Strawberry. To kick off 2023 and continue the momentum it gained from last year’s launch, the brand has introduced flavor number four. While those other three options are all reasonably uncommon, that is not the case on this one.

The latest entry on the menu of the Juvee energy drink is one of the most traditional flavors out there in Blue Raspberry. The extension has all of the beverage’s usual active ingredients and the same clean nutrition profile of no sugar and only five calories in a slim and sleek 12oz can. The Blue Raspberry Juvee is already in stock and available straight from the brand’s website at $36 a case or $32.40 if you take a subscription.

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