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Bucked Up puts prize-winning tickets into 1,200 tubs of a special edition Gold flavor

Bucked Up Golden Ticket Campaign

This Thursday, the treasure hunt begins with Bucked Up and the sports nutrition retailer GNC by way of a special edition flavor of two stimulant-backed pre-workouts in the self-titled Bucked Up and Woke AF. The flavor itself is actually called Gold, and that is incredibly clear from the branding of the products, as instead of their usual black tubs and labels, Bucked Up has covered them from head to toe in unmissable chromed-out gold.

Where the treasure hunt part comes in is Bucked Up has put 1,200 golden tickets into randomly selected tubs of the Gold Bucked Up and Gold Woke AF pre-workouts and those tickets will get you some awesome prizes. There are 200 tickets that get you $50 credit at GNC, 300 are for $50 cash, another 300 tickets reward you with $100, next is a second lot of 300 for $200, then the somewhat runner-up prize of $250 cash for 95 lucky individuals.

The grand prize is a massive one with five Bucked Up fans that find a golden ticket getting a cruise for two plus a massive $1,000 cash. It’s a fun campaign to go with the already attractive Gold flavors of Bucked Up and Woke AF, and as mentioned earlier, the whole thing is in partnership with GNC. The retailer is the only place you’ll be able to find the limited edition products, where Bucked UP is $49.99 a tub and Woke AF $59.99.