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Campus Protein welcomes bulk creatine flavored and unflavored to its family of products

Campus Protein Creatine

Selective sports nutrition retailer Campus Protein is more than a reliable place to go to get your hands on supplements from a great selection of brands, it also has a line of products under its own name. The whole set of supplements started with the balanced, straightforward stimulant pre-workout Fuel, then it added a liquid carnitine, a stimulant-free pump pre-workout titled Pump, and now Campus Protein has standalone creatine.

The newest addition to Campus Protein’s family of Fuel and Pump is Creatine, and it gets that name from the fact that creatine monohydrate is the only ingredient in it to support muscle strength, size, and performance. The product has 30 servings a tub, giving you enough to take one serving a day and get you through a typical month, and each of those servings has a full and effective 5g dosage of creatine monohydrate.

Campus Protein’s price on the ingredient named Creatine is $24.99, although it is currently sold out in the brand’s online store. There are also two options when it comes to the standalone creatine product where you can purchase it flavored in a Blue Glacier option or unflavored for easier stacking with other supplements like pre-workouts and post-workouts.

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