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Opening round entry list announced for Stack3d’s fifth annual Clash Of The Cans

Clash Of The Cans Lineup

In typical fashion for our annual energy drink showdown, Clash Of The Cans, where we venture to find the most popular, canned energizing beverage out there, we have our initial list of entries for the all-out opening round. As recently announced, the first round of the 2023 and fifth annual Clash Of The Cans competition is kicking off in about six and a half weeks, on Monday, May 15th.

For those not familiar with the energy drink contest, Clash Of The Cans is a ladder-style setup with 16 of the most-voted products, and we get that top 16 from the first round, which is open to everyone. The all-out round one is a list of every energy drink that wants to be on there, and when it comes time to vote, fans are able to click products from the list below and then hit submit to send a vote.

Energy drinks that aren’t on the list or don’t request to be added will simply not have an individual voting option, but the opening round in Clash Of The Cans is still open to all competitors. We include a box at the bottom of the list where you can manually enter a beverage, and similar votes through there will be totaled together, so again, even if a product is not there by May 15th, and can take part.

You can see the complete list of competitors below, and if you want an energy drink on there, reach out via our contact form, comment below, or hit us up through social media. The winner of the Clash Of The Cans will take home our roughly 5lb custom-cast trophy, which is designed as a 1:1 scale of a 16oz energy drink can, and there will be something special to mark the fifth anniversary of the contest.

3D Energy
5-Hour Energy Drink
A SHOC Energy
ADVANCEDgg Premium Energy
Animal NRG
Applied Nutrition ABE
Athletica X Zero
Athletic Sport Kamikaze Energy
Axe and Sledge JSK WRK Energy
Bang Energy
Beyond Raw Lit On-The-Go
Biotest Spike Shooter
Bombbar Energy
Bowmar Nutrition Sharp Nootropic
Bucked Up Energy
Bum Energy
Burn Energy Drink
C4 Energy
Celsius Live Fit
Clean Cause
Clean Drink
Coca-Cola Energy
ED Energy Drink
EHP Labs OxyShred Energy
Faction Labs Disorder
Faxe Kondi Booster
G Fuel Energy Drink
GAAM Energy
Ghost Energy
GN Labs Narc Focus
Goat Fuel
Grenade Energy
Hell Energy
Hydroxycut Cut
Ignite ZRO
Impulse Energy Drink
Inspired DVST8 Energy Drink
Iron Kingdom Energy+Recovery
It’s Time Energy
Kill Cliff Ignite
King Kongin Energy Drink
Let’s Get Ready To Rumble
Lohilo BCAA Drink
Lost and Found
‘Merica Energy
Monster Ultra
Moose Juice
MTN Dew Rise Energy
Musashi Energy
MusclePharm Combat Energy
Myprotein BCAA Energy
Nano Supps Amino Vibe
No Sugar Co Joyburst
NOS Energy
NPL Hustle
Nutramino Heat BCAA
Oktane Energy Drink
Optimum AmiNO Energy
Pandy Energy Drink
Performix SST Energy Seltzer
Power 24 Energy
Power Horse
Power Play
Prime Energy Drink
ProBrands BCAA Drink
ProSupps Hyde Energy
RAZE Energy
Razorwire Energy Drink
Red Bull
Redcon1 Energy
Reign Total Body Fuel
Rockstar Energy Drink
Rogue Energy
Rowdy Energy
RSP Nutrition AminoLean
Ryse Fuel
Slayer Energy
Sneak Energy Drink
Solimo Energy Drink
Stacker2 Europe Extreme Energy
Starbucks BAYA Energy
Sway Energy
TNT Mercury Hydro Blast
Tyson Fury’s Furocity
Ugly Energy Water
Unique Life Boost
Uptime Energy
USN Qhush
Viking Power PWO
Vyper Energy
Women’s Best Different Energy
XP Sports Boost
Xplosiv PING Energy
Xtend Energy
ZOA Energy

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