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Breaking down the difference between Klout’s revamped stimulant pre-workouts

Differences Between Klout Karma And Mamba

These days it’s significantly more common for supplement companies to have more than one competitor in the pre-workout category; in fact, many have more than one with stimulants. When you have a stimulant-powered and a stimulant-free product, it’s relatively easy to get, whereas two stimulant-backed supplements may need a bit of additional explaining, so we thought we’d break down a growing brand in that very situation.

Klout started the week with the unveiling of revamped versions of its stimulant pre-workouts, Karma and Mamba, either of which can be stacked with its other pre-workout, the stimulant-free, pump-powering Realm. Interestingly the brand’s two supplements aren’t as distinctively different as some others, as they share several ingredients and dosages, giving some familiarity when looking at the two on paper.

The key difference between Klout’s Karma and Mamba is in the brand’s own description, as it promotes Karma as a nootropic pre-workout and Mamba as a more intense high-stimulant option. If you look at the formulas behind each of the products, you can see that. Karma has beta-alanine, caffeine, and NO3-T nitrates, like Mamba, but it pairs that with several extra focus-enhancing ingredients you won’t find in the harder-hitting supplement such as TeaCrine, phenylalanine, and CognatiQ.

As for Klout’s Mamba, it doesn’t have the heightened level of focus and cognition of Karma, but as mentioned, it has more for an intense level of energy. The brand elevates the amount of caffeine in the product to 400mg versus the 270mg you get in Karma. To further separate the two, Klout has thrown the sweat-producing GBB into Mamba and the premium and proven performance-supporting elevATP at 150mg a serving.

Karma and Mamba certainly have their distinct differences, and enough separating them to provide their own individual experiences. Basically, if you want moderate energy and smooth clarity and focus, Karma would be the way to go, whereas Mamba packs quite a punch at 400mg of caffeine, and that is something you’ll feel. Both of the revamped Klout pre-workouts will be going live at and priced at $46 for 25 servings.

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