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Dragon Pharma turns a popular Mexican dessert and drink into flavors of its pre-workout

Dragon Pharma Mangonada Tamarindo Venom

Dragon Pharma has a strong presence and following in Brazil, and recently, it gave back to its fans in that country by way of two limited, Brazil Edition flavors in Passion Fruit and Caipirinha for its pre-workout Venom. We actually got a few questions from Dragon Pharma users on whether or not those products would be making their way to the US, and not only do we now have an answer, we can say when they’re arriving.

Dragon Pharma has revealed that both its Passion Fruit and industry-first cocktail Caipirinha Venom flavors are coming to its American online store on Wednesday of next week, but the excitement doesn’t end there. The brand is also launching two more flavors for Venom, each based on a Mexican classic with Mangonada, inspired by the mango sorbet and chili dessert of the same name, and Tamarindo, a refreshing beverage typically made with tamarind, piloncillo, and water.

Like Passion Fruit and Caipirinha, the Mangonada and Tamarindo flavors of the stimulant-fueled pre-workout Venom will feature an alternative label design that is actually more eye-catching than the Brazil Edition options. Those other two Mexican dessert and drink-inspired flavors are due to release in the US at the same time as Passion Fruit and Caipirinha on Wednesday of next week through the online store at