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Newcomer ELEAT aims to reinvent cereal with its high-protein puff-style product

Eleat Protein Cereal

ELEAT is a brand that launched early last year; although it is not the typical sports nutrition, supplement-focused company we typically share, it’s more on the functional food side of the industry. ELEAT makes the one flagship product at the moment in a soft, crunchy, puff-style cereal that has been enhanced with extra protein to provide a balanced and nutritious set of macros in every serving.

There are four flavors at the moment for what ELEAT calls “Cereal Reinvented”, and they’re mostly classic cereal tastes in Chocolate Triumph, Cinnamon Sensation, Strawberry Blitz, and Vanilla Thriller. The nutrition profile on the product is nice and balanced, with the chocolate option packing 13g of protein in a 50g serving, 5.9g of fat, 16.3g of carbohydrates, only a gram of sugar, and 191 calories.

Eleat Protein Cereal 1

It’s not often we see a high-protein snack or treat in the form of a breakfast cereal, let alone an entire brand based around the product; however, that is precisely what ELEAT is, and it’s available in many places in its local UK market. If you’d like to give the brand and its protein cereal a try, its website has bundles of four 250g bags at £26 (31.16 USD) with the option to pick each of those flavors, and there is a subscription option to receive the cereal regularly in exchange for discount.

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