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G Fuel gets together with The Binding Of Isaac for another flavor collaboration

G Fuel X Binding Of Isaac Brimstone

When it comes to being incredibly busy, and almost non-stop with releases and developments, gaming specialist G Fuel is right up there, featuring more at Stack3d than almost anyone else. It feels like every week, we have something to share from the brand, and just to give you an idea of its output, since the start of the year, we’ve posted about more than 11 new flavor extensions, many of those being collaborations.

This week we have yet another product to share from G Fuel that is getting a pre-order shortly, although it won’t be shipping for quite some time until somewhere in May. The product is another flavor of the gaming brand’s signature energy and focus supplement, and it is a collaboration. G Fuel has partnered with the video game The Binding Of Isaac for a second time to create a flavor collaboration named Brimstone.

G Fuel and The Binding Of Isaac’s Brimstone flavor is a sweet and refreshing blend of raspberry and cranberry, a nice change from their first collaboration, the grape and pineapple concoction called Isaac’s Teasers. Once again, the product will be up for pre-order at shortly in a collector’s box that has a tub of the flavor, a matching shaker, and two exclusive cards for the Binding of Isaac: Four Souls card game.

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