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Goodles’ delicious Cheddy Mac is now at Costco in a well-priced eight box bundle

Goodles Cheddy Mac At Costco

Gal Gadot’s popular, better-for-you, and higher-protein noodle or pasta brand Goodles, made a big move in 2022, expanding from its official online store and becoming available at the retail giant Target. To start this year, the functional company has made another move of similar size and one that’ll greatly be appreciated by fans by becoming available at the wholesale membership retailer Costco.

Typically through Goodles’ online store at, a box of its signature, and might we add, deliciously creamy Cheddy Mac flavor, would cost you $15.96 for a bundle of four boxes, or $41.88 for a set of a dozen. That works out to a pricey $3.99 and $3.49 each, respectively, and at Target, the cost is $2.99 a box. Costco has gone further than either of those with its exclusive eight-box bundle.

At Costco, you’ll pay only $17.99 for that bulk lot of eight boxes of Goodles’ tasty Cheddy Mac, coming to about $2.25, well below the brand’s online store and Target. As far as we know, Costco has just Cheddy Mac from the enjoyable Goodles lineup, but if you don’t mind missing out on the likes of Twist My Parm and Shella Good in exchange for great value, Costco is the place to go.

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