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Goodles is now available at Target at the more competitive price of $2.99 a box

Goodles Now Available At Target

Goodles is the functional food company from Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot, which makes a variety of delicious and flavorful noodle meals with great benefits you won’t find in traditional noodles. The brand’s list of products includes Cheddy Mac, Mover & Shaker, Shella Good, and the asiago, parmesan, and spirals noodle combination Twist My Parm.

Some of the functional benefits you get from Goodles’ selection of noodle lineup are extra protein with 14g per serving, still a high amount of carbohydrates, but with low fat and reasonable calories. The brand also infuses all of its healthy noodle options with a selection of superfood ingredients, in turn providing vitamins and minerals for general health.

The reason we have Goodles in the news this week is that the still very new functional food company has found its way into its first significant stockist. The retail giant Target now has all four of Goodles’ noodle products available, and unlike the brand’s own online store, it sells them in individual boxes, and they’re cheaper at $2.99 versus $20 for four.

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