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TEDCO founder Drew Camp talks the dad-suited categories it plans to tackle to next

Interview With Drew Camp From Tedco

We recently sat down for an interview with Drew Camp from the up-and-coming dad-specific supplement company The Epic Dad Co, more briefly referred to as The Epic Dad Co. Currently, the brand has only one product on the market in the comprehensive pre-workout appropriately named PRE, which TEDCO just revamped to PRE V2 with more beta-alanine at a full 3.2g a serving and a significantly better flavor experience.

In our interview with Drew Camp of TEDCO, we talked about the changes made to the second iteration of its well-rounded pre-workout and went over the formula in general, going into detail about the specific ingredients in there and why they’ve been chosen. Another topic during the interview was other categories of supplement the brand plans to eventually get into, and the answer was rather interesting.

The Epic Dad Co, or TEDCO, wants to stick to its theme of making products that help dads be better or “Dad Harder” and that is clear and present in the other supplements the brand is interested in releasing. Following the sequel pre-workout PRE V2, TEDCO is looking to roll out an electrolyte formula to improve hydration, a sleep aid to get better quality sleep, and a nootropic to keep you focused throughout the day.

Basically, PRE V2 is just the beginning for TEDCO, and in the near future, it is really looking to grow into a fully-fledged lineup of products to support all corners of your life or, from the brand’s perspective, help dads where they need it most. You can listen to the entire interview with Drew Camp in the latest episode of the Stack3d Supplement Podcast, found on all major platforms, including iTunes, Google, and Spotify.

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