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Gorilla Mind adds a liquid alternative to its bulk supplement Gorilla Mode Glycerol

Liquid Gorilla Mode Glycerol

Bulk bottles of liquid glycerine or glycerol aren’t anything new; we’ve seen them in the sports nutrition space a few times over the years, some of the earliest we can remember being Ronnie Coleman Signature Series’ Stacked NO Pump Shot and Nutristat’s PumpScript. This past year we’ve seen a return in that type of supplement, most recently Inspired in FSU Serum, and today we have Gorilla Mind’s take on it.

Reputable brand Gorilla Mind has introduced a liquid version of Gorilla Mode Glycerol, which is plain and simple, a big bulk bottle of unflavored glycerol in liquid format to support hydration and muscle pumps. Every 1.1fl oz serving of the supplement — equal to a full cap — comes with 25g of 100% active glycerol and 124mg of sea salt, which brings some nutrition in 24g of carbohydrates and a calorie count of 70.

Gorilla Mind’s relatively straightforward but effective liquid Gorilla Mode Glycerol is going live on its website tomorrow at precisely 10 AM Eastern Time, in a large bottle of 30 servings and at a price of $44.99. This is separate from the brand’s already available Gorilla Mode Glycerol in powder format, which is also a big bottle of glycerol packing 100 servings at 10g each and it comes in a variety of different flavors.

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