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Classic mix of mint and chocolate makes it 11 flavors for Black Magic’s multi-source protein

Mint Chocolate Black Magic Protein

Last year Black Magic made headlines many times here at Stack3d, majority of the time, the topic was flavor extensions for some of its already available supplements. The reputable brand added to the menu of its vegan-friendly protein powder, 100% Vegan Protein as well as its multi-source competitor in the same category, Black Magic Protein, powered by a blend of whey concentrate, egg whites, and micellar casein.

Black Magic is back this month, announcing another flavor for one of those protein powders in the multi-source, whey-based Black Magic Protein, which welcomed the likes of Fruit Whirls, Birthday Cake, and Honey Graham to its menu in 2022. Joining the supplement’s lineup this time around is something a little less traditional in the classic combination of chocolate and mint named Mint Chocolate Ice Cream.

The new Mint Chocolate Ice Cream, Black Magic Protein, is in stock and available for purchase straight from the brand’s online store at its usual $44.99 for a tub of 25 servings, each 23g of protein. If you act soon, you can also save a bit of money in Black Magic’s St. Patrick’s Day sale, where the coupon code “LUCKY15” will get you 15% off everything.