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Limitless Unleashed adds more focus and a lot more energy with 100mg more caffeine

Muscle Rage Unleashed Limitless

Muscle Rage in the UK has a fresh new competitor in the world of pre-workouts, which appears to be a replacement or improved sequel to the stimulant-fueled Limitless and separate from the stimulant-free supplements NOS Bomb Neuro and NOS-1. The product is named Limitless Unleashed, so it is a continuation of that Limitless name, and the formula is somewhat similar but with a few notable tweaks and changes.

For better muscle pumps and improved performance, Muscle Rage’s Limitless Unleashed has 6g of citrulline malate, the same as the regular Limitless, and a full 3.2g of beta-alanine. Where the majority of the changes come in, is on the energy and focus side, with that undergoing several alterations, including the removal of alpha-GPC, which has been or is becoming non-compliant in the strong UK and European market.

Muscle Rage hasn’t just dropped alpha-GPC from Limitless Unleashed; it’s added a few other focus-supporting ingredients to make up for the loss, including 2g of tyrosine and half a gram of VitaCholine branded choline bitartrate. The pre-workout has also had its caffeine significantly increased; while the previously released Limitless had 325mg from anhydrous and Infinergy, Limitless Unleashed has 425mg from the same sources.

Limitless Unleashed is available for purchase directly from Muscle Rage’s online store for a few pounds more than Limitless at £36.99 (44.93 USD), although it is worth noting you don’t get quite as many servings. The revamped Unleashed has 25 servings a tub versus 30, in the previous supplement’s two flavors, in Blue Fizzy Bottles and Strawberry Lemonade, and two new options in Blackberry Limeade and Mango Limeade.