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Oktane puts the easily recognizable silhouette of a shot bottle in its latest teaser

Oktane Energy Teases An Energy Shot

The still relatively new and growing energy drink brand Oktane Energy recently announced its second-ever flavor for its flagship beverage with Orange Mango to go alongside its original Watermelon Kiwi. That’s certainly significant news since, as mentioned, the brand only had one taste previously available for its energy drink; now today, we have Oktane back in headlines, but regarding an entirely separate beverage.

Oktane Energy has passed on a teaser for something that is due to be revealed and released in the near future, and judging by the image being used to hype and build up the mysterious product; we feel we know what it is. You can see Oktane’s teaser graphic in the picture above, featuring the silhouette of a compact and convenient 60ml or so energy shot, which keeps the brand in the business of energy, although in a new format.

We are only speculating that an Oktane Energy Shot is what we’re in for based purely on the image you can see above, and while it could be something else, we’re relatively confident that’s what we’re getting, especially with that easily recognizable silhouette. We’ll share more information on the mystery product when we get it and look forward to seeing the young brand continue to consistently learn, grow, and evolve.

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