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Oktane goes from energy drinks to shots and now vitamin-filled gummies

Oktane Hair Vitamin Gummies

We recently got a teaser from the beverage brand Oktane Energy with what looked to be the silhouette of a classic compact 60ml bottle, suggesting it is coming out with an energy shot. The product will go nicely alongside its original energy drink, although before we’ve got a complete look at what we’re pretty sure will be an Oktane Energy Shot, the brand has passed on details of a completely separate and upcoming item.

Coming soon from Oktane Energy and really expanding its reach and range are Oktane Hair Vitamin Gummies. It is indeed a gummy format supplement, and also, per the name, it comes with ingredients to support hair health. The key components in the product include a variety of vitamins such as B12, C, and E, as well as zinc and biotin; all squeezed into pink, raspberry-flavored gummy bears with two bears a serving.

If you had told us gummies were coming from Oktane Energy, we would have expected them to be infused with caffeine for energy and maybe some focus ingredients for a similar experience to its original beverage. It turns out Oktane is moving more into health supplements with Oktane Hair Vitamin Gummies, which really opens things up, and could see it head in many other directions with other wellness-style products.