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Scorpion expands its ecdysteroid selection with a dedicated ecdysterone supplement

Scorpion Supplements Elevate

New Zealand brand Scorpion Supplements has been incredibly busy over the last or so since it popped up on our radar, rolling out many completely new products and flavors, including some functional beverages. One of those supplements was the turkesterone-based muscle builder Level Up, featuring the usual half a gram of the turk source ajuga turkestanica alongside 10mg of BioPerine to improve absorption.

Scorpion Supplements has not slowed down by any means as we move into 2023, continuing to reveal and release new products, the latest of which is a muscle builder similar in style and ingredients to Level Up. The brand has introduced Elevate, and like Level Up, it relies on an ecdysteroid in ecdysterone that aims to help support natural testosterone, improve performance, and enhance lean muscle building.

Every capsule of Scorpion Supplements’ Elevate comes with half a gram of 10% ecdysterone, and it’s paired with 10mg of BioPerine black pepper to improve absorption and efficacy. A full-size bottle of the product actually comes with a good amount of capsules at 90, so at one a day, it’ll last you three months, or one month at three a day, and the price directly through the brand’s online store is currently $69.99 (43.91 USD).