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Bombbar returns to the dragee format in its colorful Snaq Fabriq treat Q&Q

Snaq Fabriq Qq Dragee

There is a reason the Russian company Bombbar has won our Functional Brand Of The Year Award three years running; it’s because it is incredibly creative, innovative, and is always releasing products. Under its three lines in Bombbar, Chikalab, and Snaq Fabriq, fans are regularly treated to protein snacks, moderate protein and low-calorie items from Chikalab, and Snaq Fabriq is a more flavor-first selection, not so much high protein.

We’ve already seen some interesting drops this year from Bombbar but before the month of March comes to a close, it is launching something else, although we have seen it before from the brand. Bombbar has put together a dragee product similar to the simply-named Dragee under its Chikalab line. For those not familiar with the term, dragee refers to a bite-sized treat with some sort of covering or hard shell, like a coated almond.

As mentioned, Bombbar has done this in the past with covered almonds, cashews, and crispy protein balls, and it’s back again in the same format as Snaq Fabriq’s Q&Q Dragee. It is a bag of crunchy peanuts covered in milk chocolate, then a colorful shell, and all with no added sugar. Q&Q Dragee’s nutrition profile isn’t supremely lean, although reasonable for a treat with 4.3g of protein, 12.4g of fat, 9g of carbohydrates, and 177 calories.

Flavor is one of the primary objectives of Bombbar’s Snaq Fabriq collection, and not so much high protein, and that is clear in the tasty-looking Q&Q Dragee. As always, the latest from the brand is available first through its online store at, and it’s well-priced at 702₽ (9.13 USD) for a box of 12 bags, each of those well within snack size and weighing 40g.